FYP- Hanadi Chaarani

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Designing a Lever for Negotiating the Revitalization of the Historic City of Tripoli


“One of the most important characteristics of the historic city of Tripoli is the rich architecture heritage it has. Hence, a structure of its own needs to be addressed espcially for it. Hence, I am having:

A municipal department dedicated to the management of the historic city that will be entrusted to work with different stakeholders on the preservation and the sustenance of the tightly knit building structures

A school of design and artisanship that produces the expertise of the authenticity of the crafts needed to restore such a rich heritage.

Rehabilitation of Hammam Al-Nouri lost between the randomness of that region to become a touristic center.

Located around the vicinity of al-Mansouri Great Mosque, the site was chosen inside the historic city as a way to involve the local dwellers in the decision-making, engage few of the historic monuments to unravel common challenges, and to create in such an insertion the necessary ripple eect triggering a positive transformation on the public domain of the surrounding area.

The aim of the project is to respect the past while walking towards future. I will narrate the story of my project using the remaining letters on the site.” – Hanadi Chaarani