About The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture

The Bachelor of Architecture program at the Faculty of Architecture and Design offers students a professional degree that qualifies them to practice architecture. The program takes into consideration country and institutional requirements and characteristics such as recognition by the Ministry of Higher Education and registration in the Order of Engineers & Architects (Beirut or Tripoli).

The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture is blessed with having talented and enthusiastic faculty members of different age groups, gender, nationalities, and background creating the rich and experimental learning environment that forms the backbone of its culture. Almost 50% of its FTE is now formed of full-timers building the momentum of the Faculty through all its axes of teaching and learning, service to the Faculty, the university, and to the community, and scholarly activities.

The restructured curriculum into five main axes: Design, Engineering, History & Theory, and Material Science and Fabrication has gained shape with the demarcated differential stronghold in the decentralization of the design activities across all these axes. We are meeting our objectives in inverting the studio into lecture-oriented investigative design and intensifying the design activity in lecture courses through project-oriented exercises. Such an orientation in the education of our future architects along our attention to innovative solutions of our immediate social and environmental challenges form our DNA, identity, and distinctive model from the rest of the crowd. 

Our good reputation as a solid and energetic program is growing amongst the academic circle across Lebanon. Our students are witnessing a visible transformation of important magnitude through their learning experience –culturally, intellectually, and professionally. They are exceptionally growing in the professional practice through the extensive internship program that our unique curriculum provides.

There is a high prospect of our first graduating students this year to be successfully competitive in the local and regional market, and are equally equipped to pursue their post professional academic career.