FYP – Issam Raad

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A Transient Freedom


“An architectural machine must not be physically natural, but also socially. That is why in order for the project to become socially natural, it cannot remain as a warehouse that only has one specific activity. It must become a house. No, not the house we know. The house I’m talking about is an overlapping of activities that glorify the unfinished process of living instead of the finished one. This transforms the building to a machine for living instead of a machine to live in because it now combines many activities merged together in a way that we no longer see or feel each one, but we instead feel the process of living them together. Work is no longer work, but a part of enjoying production in life. What I’m talking about is experience. Life is in experience, and we must never be treated as machines, but as living beings. So, if the project is to become a ‘house’-an overlapping of activities that glorifies experience-what does that mean?
It’s a shift from a separated living where we only consume the communal space and nature to one where the separated living becomes a communal platform where we live together and are responsible about both our community and nature. That creates urban spaces where common interests meet (ex: workspaces & farming), and industries where common interests are shared (ex: market, exhibition). Homes get an exact area to what humans need. Well, it’s simply a new way of life.”- Issam Raad