Naji Safi

Part-time Instructor
e-mail: nsafi@azmuniversity.edu.lb

Naji Safi is a Lebanese architect and artist, with two years’ experience in the UAE and one in Lebanon. Throughout his career at NORR Group Architects ( MENA-DXB) Naji worked on the Lusail Qatar Towers and was behind the parametric scheme for the main façade treatments of the project. He also worked as a Project Architect at the Italian firm Decorepoint.Int (Dubai) where he was in charge of the design and project management of the group. In parallel , Naji pursues his sensibility towards and research in installation, computational & Fine arts, attending JIGSAW Master Course & Exhibition which granted him a Certification in 3D Design & modeling (Lead by Gilles Restin & Isaie Bloch). Holding his B.ARCH degree from ALBA University and in the process of finalizing his Master Thesis, Naji runs his own architectural and art Lab in Tripoli where he experiments in Art , Architecture and Forms in design. Passionate about the Abstract fusion between Art & Generative design technology, Naji explores the world of algorithms in the architectural context.
As an instructor at AZM University , Naji is responsible of the Computational Design track at ARCHIDES , thus exploring the role of technology in design and its wide spread application in the perception and experience of Architecture.