Computer Labs

Two computer labs are equipped with the latest computer technologies in terms of hardware, software, and networking equipment. They are loaded with various software supporting educational requirements for architecture students, like AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, Revit, Adobe Suite, Rhino, keyshot and other rendering software… These programs are tailored to support the computation, design, and technical courses.

In addition, the computer lab responds to the needs of students in accessing online information and using computers for studying and writing assignments. The capacity of each lab is 40 students at a time.

In 2015, the computer lab was originally equipped with 20 computers. This number has been ramped up to 40 seats in 2018 and has been kept along this capacity to date, increasing the ratio of 0.5/student. This ratio is higher if we consider that first year students are not expected to begin design modeling before the spring of their second year. The computer lab is under the full jurisdiction of our IT division.