Digital Fabrication Lab

The Digital Fabrication Lab is fitted out with a Trotec Laser machine, which is used for laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking. This machine helps students in manufacturing architecture models. An important advantage is the quick and flexible processing. It is possible for the student to design a model, send the CAD data directly to the laser system and therefore produce the parts of a model for post assembly. A wide range of materials can be machined including wood, cardboards, and acrylic…

It has extremely high level of precision during cutting of small details which helps students in obtaining accurate results of their architecture models.

The Digital Fabrication Lab is also equipped with a WASP 3D printing machine. It offers students the freedom to create small-scale prototypes and models of their designs in 3D.

3D printing allows architects to quickly test multiple design concepts and make iterations in the early phases of projects. Students can 3D print low cost architectural study models that can be used to assess the flow of space, general structure, volume and how natural light travels in the building. Architectural Design Studios and courses under the computation design stream tap the most on this digital fabrication lab that has been in operation since the academic year 2016-2017.

The digital fabrication lab is operated by trained students who offer their services within the employment plan of the university to all students in the Faculty. Operation and Maintenance remains under the jurisdiction of the IT division.