The Dean Jamal Abed Design Award, an initiative funded by friends of the late dean of the Faculty of Architecture, held its first ceremony on June 19 during which it conferred the top three final-year projects in ARCH 602 (Final Year Project 2), monetary prizes ranging from 7,800,000LBP to 11,700,000 LBP.

The recipients of the prize were Wael Daher, first place, for his work “Towards a Humanized Architecture: A Center for Culture, Educational and Heritage in Akkar Al Atika” and Jana Kassem and Abdallah Assaad, runner-ups, for “Breaking Conventional Building Typology” and “The Sanctuary of Ephemerality and Permanence: The Case of Palliative Cancer Patients” respectively.

ARCH 602 was led by Prof. Tarek Kazzaz, Mr. Maxim Julian and Ms. Halah Abi Haydar, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Architecture.

The friends of Dean Jamal Abed have instituted this award as an annual fixture. In the future, the award will recognize students in the third and fourth years of study as well as those in the final year.