A Welcoming Note by Acting Dean Halah Abi Haydar

Fall Term 2021

Dear colleagues, dear old and new Students  

I am delighted to be addressing you in the occasion of launching a new academic year on a hybrid learning mode during the Fall Term 2021.  

As we are about to start yet another unusual semester in extremely difficult times for the country, students and the faculty members, I would like to thank everyone, faculty, staff and students for making this start happen, I extend my thanks to everyone back at our homes who have supported our online mode of existence in the previous semesters and the one ahead.  

Starting a new academic year, is all filled with what beginnings do burst with: anxiety, mixed feelings of joy, uncertainty, determination and hesitation, hoping that only the positive ones shall prevail soon.  

Classes will again be virtual – online during the first two weeks of the semester, the third week will be our opportunity to meet in-person once again on-campus as per the planned formula with one-week on-campus for every two-weeks online, in case of any adjustment to the plan we will certainly keep you updated in due time. 

I am thrilled to inform you that ARCHIDES is expanding, and we have valuable new additions to our young ARCHIDES family, both as full-time and part-time faculty members, whom I do welcome wholeheartedly and wish a successful and enjoyable teaching | Learning experience and look forward to meeting you all in person the soonest.


I am so confident that we will all together prove again that persistence, hard work and passion are always the uncontestable recipe for success and that we will keep ARCHIDES distinguishably shining bright, sailing the ship across rough and smooth seas, always following the vision set by our beloved captain, our dearly missed late dean Jamal Abed (may his soul rest in eternal peace).

Yes, the days are tough, the tunnel may seem dark and endless, it is in such days that I would like us to remember and rehearse the following:  

“Remember, you must never, under any circumstances, despair. TO HOPE AND ACT are our duties in misfortune”  

Best wishes and welcome to you all.