Ayman Kassem

Part-time Assistant Professor
e-mail: AKassem@azmuniversity.edu.lb

Ayman Kassem, interior architect and PhD. He studied at the Lebanese University and did his doctoral studies at PolInterior architect and PhD.
(born 1987) studied interior design (masters) at the Lebanese University (Lebanon, 2005-
2010), and worked at several design firms in Beirut (2010-2013). He got his interdisciplinary PhD in
urban, architecture and interior design at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy, 2017), and spent periods as a
guest PhD at the Middlesex University in London, and at the Technical University of Delft in the
Netherlands. He is currently an instructor at the faculty of architecture and design at the CITY
University of Tripoli, and at the Lebanese University, faculty of fine arts and architecture, Lebanon.
His fields of interest are performance theories in architecture, exhibition
design, museums studies, performative spatial qualities, and design approaches, types of architectural/ interior interventions , Flexibility and openness of architecture, scenography and theatricality of spaces .