“The Place That Remains ” Beit Beirut Exhibition

The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture urban and city planning students paid a visit to the exhibition “The Place That Remains” in Beit Beirut, presence of the faculty members.

As explained by Architect Hala Younes, “The Place That Remains is a reflection on our complex relationship with nature. It describes our territory as the last monument and unfolds the remaining treasures in its agricultural lands, forests, unbuilt spaces, water resources, and public networks.”

The exhibition was first presented in 2018 at the Venice Architecture Biennale, as a protest against the commodification of the land, and in commemoration of the great famine of 1918.

The visit included a tour to some of the iconic buildings in Beirut: the shopping mall designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in the downtown area and the Stone Garden building that won the ‘’Dezeen Awards 2021 architecture project of the year’’ designed by Architect Lina Ghotmeh.