The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture Graduate Student Wael Daher wins the 3rd Prize at the Chadirji 22nd Award for the Lebanese Students of Architecture.

The Jamal Abed faculty of Architecture proudly congratulates its student Wael Daher on winning the third prize in the 222nd annual “Al-Chadirji Award for Lebanese Students of Architecture” for his project titled, “A Humanized Architecture: A Centre for Education, Culture and Heritage in Akkar Al Atika”

The Chadirji Association for Architecture, in collaboration with the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut, organized the event with a reputable jury from various recognized academics and professionals from Lebanon and the Middle East. Local universities including Azm University, participated in the competition, which was held on Saturday July 2nd 2022, on the premises of the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut.

Wael presented his project as The Jamal Abed faculty of Architecture second participation in the Chadirji competition, it addresses the pressing lived experience in his hometown Akkar El Atika, a humble village with a dormant past and a neglected glorious heritage however suffering from an ongoing drifting away from the roots, and an oblivion to the history of the village and its identity.

The project is stemmed from an interest in an architecture that is addressing humans in the first place, rather than aiming to exhibit and distinguishing itself through an architecture  that digs deep into the past and extracts lessons to create a continuity and re-establish the harmonious sense of belonging to what our ancestors have left behind as our inheritance, in the techniques of construction, the spatial definitions and/or the cultural heritage as it sustains an active public realm supported by the built environment.

The project 2020-2021 was advised by Mr. Sany Jamal during the first research thesis phase and by Prof. Tarek Azzaz for the final architectural proposed solution.