Azm University’s recent graduates Marwa Handoush and Israa Akkari were each the recipient of an award by  the Order of Engineers and Architects in Tripoli in recognition of their final year projects. The awards formed part of a celebration on November 19 of the accomplishments of Architecture students in North Lebanon.

Three local universities that offer Architecture programs participated in the event:  Azm University, the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), and City University. Graduates from each university  presented their final year architecture projects to a large audience made up of academics, architects and professionals from the region.

Azm University applauds its graduates on their achievement and successful projects:

Marwa Handoush: Living in Community; The Third Place in Tarran Village”

Israa Akkari: “Rethinking Public Space and Adaptive Reuse in Dowtown Tripoli: The Downtown Library”

All projects were required to fulfil several objectives that address sustainable, social, environmental, economic, and civic issues, delivered through innovative architectural solutions.