JAFA Architecture Graduate Wins the AI ARCHITECTURE: HORRIBLE HOUSES Competition

Congratulations to our 2020 Architecture graduate Mohamad Younis who was announced on February 9, 2023, as a winner of the AI ARCHITECTURE: HORRIBLE HOUSES competition which is about who can create the most hideous AI-generated house. Mohamad wrote the following about his winning entry “The Bladderwort House”:

“I decided to show up for the “Horrible Houses” competition because I felt the potential of engaging in a dark design concept. Architecture isn’t just about designing sustainable buildings and comfortable spaces, but it can also encompass a design vision, where architecture leads to discomfort, acute anxiety, and a difficult state of living, if desired. “Bladderwort House” is not a deathbed, nor a vertical tomb, but an illustration of how a perceived ugly house may become a beautiful contrast in the city.”

NB. The Bladderwort plant is an aquatic plant of north temperate regions, with small air-filled bladders which keep the plant afloat and trap tiny animals that provide additional nutrients.