JAFA Students Experience Heritage Sites in Sidon and Tyre

As part of our efforts to support the academic coursework with hands-on visits to local heritage sites, The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture organized an all-day cultural trip to Sidon and Tyre on Sunday, May 14th, 2023. Around 40 architecture students from different years have participated along with Dean Mohamad Nasri and his assistants. In Sidon, and after visiting the Crusader sea castle, the group explored the rehabilitated streets and monuments of old Mamluk and Ottoman Sidon including the Debbaneh Palace, Hammam Al-Jadeed, and Al-Omari Mosque, and were exposed to the regeneration efforts in the old city quarter. In Tyre, emphasis was on the bewildering archaeological Roman sites including the funerary complex, and the 2nd century AD well-preserved Roman roads and hippodrome.