On Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023, the ARCH 407- Contemporary Architectural Theory students, with instructors Mr. Tarek Kazzaz and Ms. Hana El Osman, embarked on a captivating architectural field trip in Beirut, exploring eight locations that epitomized the essence of contemporary architecture from sleek urban skyscrapers to avant-garde cultural centers: the ‘Zeituna Bay’ project by Steven Holl, moving to ‘Beirut Souks’ by Raphael Moneo including Zaha Hadid’s ‘Department Store’, exploring residential towers: ‘Beirut Terraces’ by Herzog et De Meuron, ‘3Beirut’ by Foster and partners, moving on to the AUB campus where we explored the ‘Issam Fares Institute’ by Zaha Hadid and the ‘Charles Hostler Student Centre’ by Steven Holl, and finally our last visit to ‘Beit Beirut’ renovated by Youssef Haidar.  

The journey unfolded a narrative of how architects are creating structures that not only redefine cityscapes but also challenge conventional notions of form and function aspiring towards the cutting edge of design and technological innovation, leaving us with a profound appreciation for the forward-thinking minds shaping the modern built environment.