Mohamad Ali Negro

Part-time Instructor
e-mail: mnegro@azmuniversity.edu.lb

Architect with 16+ years of experience in project management, design, and construction. In 2006, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture with honours from the Lebanese University. 

Lecturer in different universities in North Lebanon: The University of Balamand, Lebanese University, Beirut Arab University, AZM University, City University, and The Lebanese International University. Department coordinator of graphic and interior design at AUL University. Taught courses within a variety of disciplines including architecture, interior design and engineering, using relevant computer software. Juror and guest juror in architecture design studios for many levels, and supervisor for senior design projects. Organized courses involving regional architectural trips to European countries.  

Instructor/lecturer in the Winter and Summer 2023 Algorithm Workshops at The Academy of Art and New Technology in Rome, AANT, organized by Sapienza University and Algorithm Architects in Italy. 

Vice head for the Consultant Architects branch in the Order of Engineers and Architects, Tripoli, Lebanon, 2021-2024, and a Scientific Committee member, 2019-2022. Course trainer for Engineers and Architects in the order of Engineers and Architects for seven years.