Mustafa Nachar

Part-time Instructor
e-mail: mnachar@azmuniversity.edu.lb

Mustapha Nachar is an award-winning architect with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and a Master’s degree in advanced computational design from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). He has worked for prestigious architecture firms in Beirut, Dubai, and Austria, where he has won numerous awards for his innovative designs. Notable among these awards are the Jaguar Design XE award, the Oscar Niemeyer Adaptive Reuse Competition, where Mustapha was among the top students in Lebanon who won and represented Lebanon at the UIA Elsewhere, Durban 2014, and the Jacque Rogueries Foundation Grand Prize in 2021 which he won as part of the team at Najjar Najjar Architects.

As an educator, Mustapha has a passion for helping his students develop a keen sense of spatial awareness, allowing them to understand how a building will function in three dimensions. He achieves this by using a combination of 3D explorations that incorporate both analogue and digital techniques.